A racing bible and a lucky charm: Scherer's essentials

A racing bible and a lucky charm: Scherer's essentials

02 JAN 2020

Sauber Junior Team by Charouz driver talks us through his key tools

We dive into the paddocks to take a look at the essential items for our drivers on a race weekend. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what they can’t travel without.

Fabio Scherer is up next…


I think that we should start with the most important thing: my bible. Inside this book is notes from every race that I have ever driven. It is full of notes, and it can be quiet helpful when you get to the track. I always read back through my notes when I get to a circuit, if I have been there before. I think that is has helped. 

It is better than just speaking about the tracks for me, to see it written down. I write about the conditions, the feelings on the track, braking points, important marks, what makes a particular circuit special - everything really. For me, this is the most important tool and I don't go to a track without it. 


As with every driver, the headphones are really important. For on the plane, and to prepare and get focused before a race. I have the music, which I always listen to: to some Spanish music, some beach music, techno music. There are two or three special songs, which I always listen too. These are German songs, so some people maybe wouldn't know them so well. 


This carries my licence, my credit cards, and everything, I obviously couldn't go anywhere without it. It is quite useful, I would say!

Lucky charm

I have this angel with a helmet, which I carry around in my backpack. I believe that it brings me luck, so that is one small tool as well that I also carry with me.